Meet the People You Represent Where They Are.

Our approach

There’s more than Facebook. Depending on your target clientele, you could find success on any number of social media channels – LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, and more. Each has their benefits, and using it wisely can be one of your most cost effective sources of advertising.

For law firms, Facebook is a proven source of quality leads. You can stand out from the crowd on other platforms, too. If you typically serve a younger demographic, get involved on TikTok, and show that you are relatable. Engage with users on Twitter that ask questions related to your area of practice. Odds are, there’s a hashtag for that.


We tailor your social media strategy to best suit your needs, and maximize your ROI.


We test various messages to see which best resonates with your audience, and promote those that perform the best.

How we do it

Our social media strategists work with you on developing a strategy, obtaining assets to generate engaging posts, and encourage your audience to take the actions you want to accomplish. Whether it’s getting more engagement on your account, or increasing the amount of people going to your site from your social media presence to get a consultation, we’ll make it happen.

We maintain a social posting calendar each month so that we make sure relevant events are prepared for, and to allow for ample time to acquire any graphics, video, or any other media that could help improve the performance of your posts. From there, we’ll manage any comments or other interactions based on agreed upon rules that we set with you.


We can't post for you in a vacuum. Generic content gets minimal response, so we will work with you to get topics unique to your law firm ready to post, and maximize your results.


Account management, organic posts, paid ads, comment replies, and even instant messages - we'll manage it all for you.