You only get one reputation. Protect it.

Our approach

We are able to monitor and respond to reviews on most sites, as well as proactively contact your customers shortly after their purchase to ask if they are happy prior to any review solicitation. Reaching your customer quickly after the purchase is the best time to gauge their sentiment toward you – you are still fresh in their minds, and you can reach out to them before they feel the inspiration to post a review to Google.


Send positive reviews to your chosen review sites, and have negative ones sent back to you for an opportunity to resolve.


Keyword optimized review responses to help show you care, and also help others see what is being said about your company.

How we do it

We use a proprietary review management platform to respond to your reviews on your behalf, with pre-approved language that we mutually agree upon. Review requests are sent to your customers so that they can detail their experience with you on your choice of Google, Facebook, Yelp, or any site you wish to promote. People are naturally motivated to post about negative reviews, so asking for reviews tends to lead in a great lift in review volume, as well as average scores.


Turn bad reviews into opportunities to turn into advocates. Showing you care, and paying attention to service often turns the loudest opponents into your greatest ambassadors.


We'll help funnel reviews to the site(s) you want to focus on. We can prioritize one to keep it going well, or choose a couple that need help boosting their scores.