When You Need a Trusted Advisor.

Our approach

We leave no stone unturned, and objectively assess everything that applies to your marketing budget. Your marketing and advertising needs to work for you, and everything in it must serve a purpose. We’ll provide you with thorough analysis, a roadmap to improved performance, and follow-through on ensuring changes made as a result positively affect your marketing efforts.

We help take the politics out of some of the marketing decisions law firms experience because we act as an outside, objective auditor that only has the best interests of your firm in mind. We care about how your money is spent, and how effective it is for your law firm.


Using the past year of data, and expenditures, we fully analyze the ROI with each medium used, as well as where each tactic most directly affects the client funnel.


We provide detailed reports showing total expenditures by source, where it applies to the client funnel, areas of waste, and proposed improvements to ensure a well-balanced marketing mix.

How we do it

We will request access to any dashboards, advertising accounts, invoices, CRM, accounting history for your marketing account, and anything else that is relevant to analyze the full picture of what each of your engaged efforts has brought to you. The entire program is a minimum of 6 months. We start with a thorough audit of your marketing and advertising, then provide you with a mutually agreed upon marketing plan for the following 12 months, and assist you in implementing the plan, and ensuring milestones are met. We stick around to make sure the plan is carried out smoothly, and not just disrupt your law firm’s marketing with new ideas and no guidance on how to execute.

The marketing consulting service is designed for those firms that already have internal employees managing aspects of the firm’s marketing and advertising, but could use a check-up to make sure everything is efficient as possible, or could use some new ideas to improve performance.


We follow-up after analysis is provided, and monitor any changes made to ensure the expected results follow.


We believe in properly portioning your budget between brand awareness, intent driven, and action driven tactics. We make sure your budget meets those guidelines to have a healthy inbound prospecting program.