Stay Relevant. Close More Deals.

Our approach

We believe in using a strategic system to follow-up with your customer database to get past customers to do business with you again. Increase your customers’ lifetime value, and stay relevant with them beyond their initial experience with you.

We will work with you to establish follow-up schedules for sales and service retention, as well as long-term prospect follow-up that falls outside the scope of your normal BDC schedule.


Clean code and proper verbiage to ensure inbox deliverability.


We don't send spam to people that aren't expecting to hear from you. Our strategy is to send targeted messages that are relevant to people that know you.

How we do it

Email is easy to mess up. Send too much stuff to the wrong people, and you get blacklisted, and nobody will see your email anymore. We don’t buy email lists, but work with your database to determine a strategy that best makes use of your existing historical customer list, and how to segment it in a way where you deliver messages they want to receive.

We’ve met a GSM or two that like the idea of emailing the entire CRM database on a daily basis to get the monthly specials in everyone’s inbox. We’ve also successfully persuaded them that this strategy doesn’t work, and it is possible to work with your database in a way where you are delivering tailored messaging that adds value to your customers, instead of annoying them with things they’re not interested in, and opting out.


Before starting email campaigns, we will scrub your database for bounces, malformed, and other common issues with email addresses that can affect your deliverability.


We use well-respected email servers with fully authenticated domains to ensure a sound foundation to your email program.